What is G Fuel?

What is G Fuel?

G fuel is a natural energy drink formula created by Gamma Labs to help increase energy, focus and endurance. You could say that it is the perfect healthy alternative to sugar loaded energy drinks that contain a huge list of unknown chemicals.

Containing a perfect dose of caffeine for that immediate boost in energy and accompanied by a plethora of focus ingredients and nootropics. These will help to boost cognitive function and alterness which are obvious benefits for when high concentration is needed. Additionally G Fuel is loaded full of b vitamins and antioxidants for that extra health benefit making it one incredible powerhouse of a natural energy drink.

Who should take G Fuel?

G Fuel is suitable for anyone looking for a natual energy drink formula. This could range from some someone training or exercising, eSports players or even just the work person/student who needs that boost in brain power and focus.

Over the years G Fuel has built up in popularity and is now used by UFC fighters, Bodybuilders, Skaters, Fitness Models, athletes, eSports players and the list goes on!

Does G Fuel work?

When a product is as popular as G Fuel you can be sure it works. The brand has such a reach world wide and is used by so many different types of people who all love and continue to use the product. As it contains a moderate caffeine content it has the perfect sweet spot in terms of energy for most people.

A caffeine sensative person could halve the serving size and have a very pleasurable experience on G Fuel while the non caffeine sensative person would still feel a boost of energy still.

Does G Fuel contain Nootropics?

The extra nootropic ingredients that have also been added to G Fuel will essentially provide an enhanced feeling of awareness and cognition. The can ultimately feel like a stimulant based effect as will which creates a great user experience when paired with the caffeine.

These nootropic ingredients have been shown to increase the amount of neurotransmitters (chemicals messengers that transmits signals to nerve cells) in the brain and body. This can greatly improve reflex time and decision making while providing a great natural form of energy.

The added benefits of using moderate caffeine and nootropic ingredients is the user will not crash after having to much caffeine. Did we mention how good it was for esports gaming!

How long does it take for G Fuel to work?

After taking in a full serving of G Fuel natural energy drink formula it should take roughly 10 to 15 minutes for the effects to kick in. From here the user can have the effects can last anywhere between 4 to 6 hours depending on how many times they have used the product before.

G Fuel can be the perfect brain fuel to kickstart your day, study session, training session or getting ready to take on anyone for a video gaming session.

Is G Fuel safe?

Gamma Labs made sure G Fuel was safe to be consumed by as many people as possible! Utilising as many natural ingredients as possible and combining B Vitamins and antioxidants puts it well ahead of all sugary drinks. It also contains very few calories with 10-20, 0 fat and 0 sugars.

The very moderate amount of caffeine (150mg) also ensures that most people will be fine with that amount. As always we recommend you follow the serving suggestion on the container and only comsume what it has directed.

How much does G Fuel cost?

The average tub of G Fuel costs $64.95 AUD. When you take into consideration you get 40 standard servings per tub, that is only $1.60 per serve! We do have twin packs, triple packs and quad packs available which will reduce the price down to $52 per tub AUD.

G Fuel natural energy drink formula

G Fuel has its own unique taste with each flavour producing an absolutely memorable hydration experience. With 40+ flavours available at any time, there is sure to be a flavour to suit everyone!

G Fuel is also renown for its flavour collaberations with a massive list of content creators, social media influencers, athletes and even popular games. Some names that may ring a bell include people such as PewDiePie, FaZe Clan, Dr Disrespect, Logic, Crash Bandicoot, Keemstar and the list goes on!

How much caffeine is there in G Fuel?

In a standard serving of G Fuel there is approximately 150mg of caffeine. We suggest that if you are sensative to caffeine to try a half serve to asses your tolerance to the product. 150mg of caffeine would be the equivalnt to 1.5 shots of coffee.

How much sugar is there in G Fuel?

Absolutely none! As G Fuel is a sugar free product once again making it a perfect replacement for other traditional sugar loaded energy drinks!

This can be hard to believe with how good the taste of G Fuel hydration formula is but you can rest peacefully knowing that when you go to grab a serve of G Fuel you will be getting absolutely no amount of sugar what so ever like other energy drinks.

How much G Fuel can you drink in a day?

This can vary from person to person. However it is suggested to start with one serving a day to find your tolerance and then can increase from there. The maximum recommended daily amount would be 3 servings a day. Another way to look at it as if a serving of G Fuel is equivalent to roughly one large coffee or 1.5 shots of coffee.

Energy Drinks

G Fuel is technically an energy drink but not like most other traditional ones. As it contains 0 sugar, 0 fat and only 10-20 calories you can be sure it is much healthier for you. Plus with the added vitamins and antioxidants G Fuel will be better suited for your energy needs.

Where can I buy G Fuel from in Australia?

You can purchase G Fuel from our website at www.gamerfuel.com.au where we stock a variety of 30+ flavours. This is always increasing with the constant amount of limited edition releases and collaboration flavours.

The best part about Gamer Fuel is that they are based in Australia as well so shipping time is super fast! Customer feedback has always been 10/10 when they realise they can purchase G Fuel in Australia.

G Fuel Shipping Times

As Gamer Fuel is based in Australia you can be sure you will receive your order much faster than having to order from the US. With shipping times being 2-5 days for standard shipping and 1-2 days express shipping you will have your fuel instantly which keeps the customer happy!

Using Australia Post also allows us to give you up to date tracking information which will make the whole process much more enjoyable.

What is G Fuel?