Best GFuel Flavour

Best GFuel Flavour

With so many G Fuel flavours on the market it is very hard to narrow it down to a top 10, let alone the best G Fuel flavour of all. The OG flavours like PewDiePie, Bahama Mama and Battle Juice are still just as popular as ever considering how long they have been available for.

Lately G Fuel have been releasing limited edition runs, flavour re-skins and even collaborations with artists, brands and even popular icons like Mortal Kombat and Sonic.

We at Gamer Fuel love G Fuel for everything that it is. So for us to give a top 10 would be an absolute traveisty of what we do. Instead we are going to list some of the most popular feedback we get from the biggest sellers in the G Fuel range.

Best GFuel Flavour 2021

Number #1 G Fuel PewDiePie

Lingonberry. We are going to assume not a lot of people have tried this fruit let alone heard of it! PewdiePie inspired this flavour around the popular fruit that can be found in the Nordic regions of Europe.

What does a Lingonberry G Fuel taste like? Think of a tiny bit sour with a little bit tart but a whole bunch of delicious sweetness. The flavour is very similar to cranberries. G Fuel have absolutely nailed this and it is easy to see why it is so popular.

Number #2 G Fuel Sour Blue Chug Rug

When you see any flavour that has the word sour in it, it does not always attract customers. When you are Faze Rug is a bit of a different story!

This is not a strong sour flavour so we can put your mind at ease straight away. A mild sour twist with a huge burst of blue raspberry. This absolute nectar is so easy to drink and get down it is no wonder the OG of Gaming and Youtube streaming has his name to it!

Think Raspberries then Blueberries then a nice little sour twist to finish off the sip! Sour Blue Chug Rug is no doubt at the top of G Fuel all time flavours.

Number #3 G Fuel Hype Sauce

Hype Sauce G Fuel is one of the MOST hyped up flavours AND a flavour that gets the feels. Traditionally a raspberry lemonade concoction there seems to be a few different flavour concepts.

Tangy pink lemonade, raspberry with a hint of lemonade and even brisk raspberry. One thing we know at Gamer Fuel is that customers love Hype Sauce G Fuel!

Before you plug into your next session, dose up on Hype Sauce and you'll know what the HYPE is all about!!

Number #4 G Fuel Fazeberry

ESports and Faze Clan go hand in hand. A larger that life attitude that had most certainly carried over to a larger than life flavour. Presenting to you the iconic FAZEBERRY flavour from G Fuel. A delicious combo of POMEGRANATE, STRAWBERRY and ACAI with a healthy dose of sourness added, this flavour is a banger.

A sensational flavour with a healthy dose of all the good stuff - we highly advise making this your next flavour of choice.

Number #5 G Fuel Blue Ice

One of the absolute OG flavours that has been here from the start! Unlike the ol' ball and chain Blue Ice only gets better with age. A classic energy drink flavour that hits all the feels and brings some memories of the old days.

You can sip it bit by bit, swig it or simply chug it down. Either way this flavour is an absolute must try and is 100% rated by the team at Gamer Fuel.

Number #6 G Fuel Tropical Rain

Tropical Rain has a mysterious vibe to it and we like it. The Aussie customers love a bit of tropical fruits so its no wonder this flavour is a popular one down under!

Our friends over in the states tell us it is also a big hit. Inspired by FaZe Rain, this flavour brings the best out of an energy packed drink that will not disappoint any hardened gamer. Crack a tub of Tropical Rain G Fuel from Gamer Fuel today!

Number #7 G Fuel Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama from one of the OG YouTube pranksters, Roman Atwood. His flavour is all things tropical - think of a party in your mouth and everyone’s invited.

Bahama Mama is downright refreshing so pack your bags because you’ll be holidaying on a tropical island in no time. We are talking pineapple, orange and coconut infused into an energy drink full of absolute goodness.

Number #8 G Fuel Bubblegum

Just like a trip down memory lane - G Fuel Bubblegum is where its at!! Like liquid (pink) gold this concoction tickles each and every taste bud like a nuke exploding tasty goodness in your mouth.

The G Fuel mad scientists were working on this one in the secret Lab for quite some time. It brings back that all time favourite flavour you remember as a kid... Memories, memories, memories... If I keep going I'll probably cry.

Number #9 G Fuel Battle Juice

When G Fuel discontinued an all time favourite Pineapple, there were a few disappointed fans. A very questionable decision to say the least but little did gen pop know the team had a plan in mind.

Introducing the all new FaZe Clan inspired Battle Juice label with the OG pineapple flavour. This time its here to stay!! Charge your CoD sessions with Battle Juice and take your gaming to another level.

Number #10 G Fuel Snow Cone

Who doesn't love a good snow cone or slushie on a hot summers day! Reminiscent of the shaved ice treat we all remember as a kid but this time it is filled with all the G Fuel goodies that we all love. Not much else to say here but wow it's good and we all approve!

Flavour wise we are looking at a blue raspberry type set up with a hint of cheery and a touch of lemonade. Snow Cone G Fuel is quite refreshing to be honest.

Number #11 G Fuel Star Fruit

Butters and CoD is like Stars and Fruit. The radiant and energetic Butters has crafted her personal flavour into this incredibly smooth and delicious starburst tasting STAR FRUIT.

What is star fruit flavour you ask? We don't exactly know either but after several taste tests and blind tests think of a not very sweet pineapple that is super easy to drink. Definitely a favourite for people who prefer a less sweet fruity type drink.

Number #12 G Fuel Rainbow Sherbet

How can you not want to try something with a flavour rainbow sherbet? I mean sherbet is a childhood memory and rainbows just look delicious. Add them together and you get this euphoric flavour that has a sweet taste BUT not over the top. The sherbet flavouring reduces the excessive sweetness and turns it into a tasty energy drink.

No need for a second thought - add G Fuel Rainbow Sherbet to your collection now!

Number #13 G Fuel Strawberry Banana

A KSI inspired flavour that has been around for a decent amount of time and has somewhat become a household favourite. As the flavour name suggest the collab between strawberry and banana comes together for a refreshing fruity twist that is hard to not love.

Between his rapping, acting and punching other Youtuber's faces in in the boxing ring, KSI is no doubt smashing bulk G Fuel Strawberry Banana!

Number #14 G Fuel Ragin Gummy Fish

Ragin' Gummy Fish and Ragin Jev go hand in hand. In between Jev's fury, his ranting and downright crazy rage outs his G Fuel Ragin' Gummy Fish provides somewhat of a calming energy boost for the lad. A wild cherry and raspberry infused blend that is absolutely mouth watering.

Number #15 G Fuel Strawberry Shortcake

This flavour has a huge following with its ability to be mixed with milk. Mix it up in a shaker or blend it for a bit of zing, water or milk gives this flavour lots of flexibility.

Apex inspired this energy filled dessert style taste that is just simply awesome. If your a lover of cake and strawberries then well here is your pick!

Choosing the best G Fuel Flavour?

Gamer Fuel has listed the top 15 flavours of Gfuel in 2021. Take a read over the flavour listings and profiles for a bit more information to make the best decision for your flavour pallet. Maybe you can't just choose and need to used our twin pack, triple pack or quad pack specials!

How old do you have to be to drink GFuel?

Due to the caffeine content we believe that if you are under the age of 16 you must consult with your parent or guardians.

How much caffeine is in GFuel?

150mg of caffeine per serve.

Is G Fuel worth a try?

We could go on a long winded story about the who and what but we can confidently say YES IT IS!

Best GFuel Flavour