Mfam Punch Hydration Tub

by G Fuel

If you and your squad are jumping into your favorite battle royale you should never go alone, and you’ll need all the gear you can find. Well, G FUEL and NICKMERCS are running duos to make sure the whole server is hydrated! Introducing the NICKMERCS MFAM Punch Hydration Tub. This caffeine-free version of MFAM Punch explodes with an orange, strawberry, and pineapple taste that will blow you away. Stay hydrated, MFAM Army! #FaZeUp!

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A lighter flavour than Divine Peach, but add the tiniest sprinkle more than the full scoop and you’ll note that it tastes exactly like a Raspberry Pineapple Calippo. Will be making this as a slushie ASAP

The G Fuel Advantage

0 Sugar

Most energy drinks contain a truck load of sugar and give a false sense of energy. With 0 sugar you can expect zero crash. You will have a super clean long-lasting energy source which will give you longer lasting concentration with no drops in mood or focus.

Energy Complex

Caffeine easily gets into the brain and affects many kinds of neurons (brain cells) in a positive way. Caffeine is natures stimulant and moderate caffeine intake can level up your ability to concentrate and improves mental alertness and reaction time. Consuming a caffeinated beverage (namely G Fuel) during periods of increased concentration will make it easier to focus much like a Jedi Warrior.

Increased alertness: keeps your brain alert like a pinball machine by blocking adenosine, a chemical messenger that makes you sleepy.

Improved mood: boost some of your "feel-good" neurotransmitters, such as serotonin.

Sharpened concentration: more effective at nailing that head shot from an impossible position.

Focus Enhancers

Ingredients that help increase focus and concentration are now widely used for their benefits in day to day life – who doesn't want to be smarter. G Fuel has added a few key ingredients that can improve mental performance and alertness especially in periods of stressful situations…kind of like when you are on a kill streak and your computer starts lagging.

Tyrosine is a popular supplement used to improve all aspects in relation to focus. It produces important brain chemicals that help nerve cells communicate and can help you feel gooooood. The addition of L-tyrosine (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) is a very smart addition with relation to gaming especially. Supplementation can restore brain burnout due to excessive gaming bahahah is there such a thing.. But if there was it can help repair burnout by sustaining healthy dopamine levels for enhanced mood and motivation.

Full of Antioxidants

The foods you eat play a role in keeping your brain healthy and can improve specific mental tasks, such as memory and concentration. Eating those foods is not always desirable or something we can do if we are somewhat pre-occupied as we are electronic athletes right?? By having the perfect balance of antioxidants in G Fuel you will promote healthy cell function and keep the body at optimal levels.

Vitamin Boosted

G Fuel has added a comprehensive vitamin complex to complete the product from top to bottom. The following blend of vitamins ensures optimal performance for those gruelling interactive sessions:

  • B vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins that are involved in various cellular functions throughout the body. As a group, they contribute to brain health by supporting reactions involved in energy production, synthesis and repair of DNA and production of multiple signalling molecules and chemicals used by the nervous system.
  • Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin that has demonstrated various roles in the brain which include supporting neurodevelopment and neurotransmitter function (this right here seems pretty important right?).
  • Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that primarily protects cells from damage associated with oxidative stress caused from old mate on the other team always sniping you from B’SH!T positions. The brain is highly susceptible to oxidative stress depending on how good you are at your gaming so keeping it healthy and running 100% has a long list of benefits!!

G Fuel Hydration Tubs

So, here's the thing, if you don't stay properly life! G Fuel Hydration is an electrolyte packed, vitamin fortified, caffeine free, focus boosting formula designed to help you stay at the top of your 'game'! Focus on what really matters most to you... work, gaming, writing, whatever it may be...'FUEL' your purpose and shoot to the top of the leaderboard!

G Fuel Hydration is made for everyone...elf, wizard, knight! Every flavour is sugar-free, fat free, calorie free, stim free and has a reinforced formula to enhance all your stats...

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