Is GFuel Bad for You?

G Fuel Energy Formula

For a very long time, most energy drinks and beverages containing caffeine have been said to have an array of negative health benefits however what people need to realise is that not all of these drinks are made equal. Store bought energy drinks will often contain high amounts of sugar and preservatives. On the other hand, formulas like G-Fuel from Gamma Labs are completely sugar free.

G Fuel's blend of energising and focus ingredients to give you long lasting drive. The energising complex consists of ingredients to stimulate cognitive function and the focus complex contains l-tyrosine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine and choline bitartrate to aid with alertness, concentration and motivation. Alongside the performance-enhancing benefits, it is also loaded with antioxidants and fortified with vitamins to promote healthy cell production and optimal wellbeing.

This blog article is here to dispel some common myths. This article will show you how many incredible ingredients are in G-Fuel but what is equally important, are the the ingredients G-Fuel choose to leave out. Read this article if you want to find out whether or not G-Fuel is bad for you!

What is in G-Fuel?

In each serving of G-Fuel powder, there are anywhere between 10 to 25 calories depending on the flavour you have chosen, which is very minimal. One of the first things you will find is that GFuel contains a very high amount of vitamins. These include Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 which you won't find in just any energy drink. Looking closer at the G-Fuel ingredients, you will find 3 main blends. They include the energising complex, focus complex and the antioxidant complex. All the ingredients work at the same time, creating a great effect. No other powdered energy drink contains such a diverse profile of ingredients, making it a healthy alternative to a Red Bull or Monster.

How Much Sugar is in G-Fuel?

Products that are high in sugar can be an issue for a range of people, including those who are overweight or those who have type II diabetes, which is why sugar free energy formulas are often preferred. Other formulas often contain sugars, but G-Fuel work hard to create amazing flavours with absolutely no sugar. No sugar means no acute spikes in blood sugar and no sugar crash at the end of a hard training session. G-Fuel utilises artificial sweeteners to give their products an amazing flavour. Despite what is often claimed in the media, artificial sweeteners are perfectly fine when consumed in moderation. G-Fuel's calorie count is as good as its performance effects! G-Fuel is far superior to those sugar loaded energy drinks.

Is There a lot of Caffeine in G-Fuel Energy Complex?

This is a very common question. Is G-Fuel bad because it contains caffeine? In a single serving of G-Fuel, there is approximately 150mg of caffeine, making it almost the same as having a strong cup of coffee. The caffeine content in G-Fuel is therefore very mild, unlike other energy drinks which can have three times this amount. G-Fuel also does not contain other stimulants which other drinks do. There are negative impacts of caffeine such as feeling anxious or jittery but if used sensibly, this can be easily avoided. G-Fuel contains the perfect amount of caffeine to give you an energy boost whilst not leaving you strung out after a crash. It is worth noting however that children younger than 16 should be advised against taking G-Fuel due to the caffeine content.

Can You Have Too Much G-Fuel?

How much G-Fuel is too much? As mentioned previously, G-Fuel does not contain an exorbitant amount of caffeine, however it is recommended to not consume more than two serves of dietary supplements like G-Fuel in one day. This is to avoid consuming too much caffeine in one day. The consumption of supplements is very similar to drug administration in that the devil is in the dose. G-Fuel flavors are so delicious that you could very easily sip on them all day long, but it is important to be aware that extremely high amounts of caffeine can begin to negatively impact sleep and recovery.

What are the Benefits of Having GFuel?

  • Contains an amino acid blend, antioxidants and vitamins proving far better than the outdated traditional sugary drinks!
  • Zero sugar but all the flavour you could want!
  • So many flavours it is almost out of control trying to pick only 1 flavour
  • Just the right balance of antioxidants that work in tandem with the vitamin complex to promote healthy cell production
  • The G Fuel formula contains the perfect combination and subtle ratio of Vitamins C, E, B12, B6 as well as l-carnitine


G-Fuel vs. Commercial Energy Drink

  • G-Fuel contains no sugar whereas store-bought energy drinks can have up to 30g of sugar
  • G-Fuel contains a focus complex packed with nootropics to boost focus unlike basic energising drinks which can often lead to a mental crash
  • G-Fuel contains ingredients backed by research rather than relying on clever marketing like other products
  • G-Fuel contains fat burning products like l-carnitine whereas other drinks making it hard to stay in a calorie deficit


This blog article has broken down the common energy drink G-fuel and showed you why G-Fuel is not bad for you when used in moderation. Too much G-Fuel can result in the consumption of too much caffeine however if you use the product as directed, it is perfectly safe. When it comes to deciding between a tub of G-Fuel or a case of sugar drinks from the store, it is a pretty easy decision. G-Fuel contains far more high-quality ingredients and provides you with a much wider range of health benefits. So the next time some asks you"Is G-Fuel bad?", direct them to this article and let them discover the truth for themselves.

Is GFuel Bad for You?