How much Caffeine is in GFuel

Caffeine in GFuel

There is a great deal of debate surrounding where is the best source for us to be getting our caffeine from. The most popular options include coffee, a store-bought energy drink and energy formulas such as G-Fuel. In this blog we will compare the similarities and differences between these three options to determine what is the best option.

Is Caffeine Bad For You?

Caffeine is sometimes given a bad name in the media however it is all about how much caffeine you are consuming when considering if there will be negative effects. The amount of caffeine in beverages can vary greatly, so it is important to have a good idea of the caffeine content in something before you consume it. Caffeine can provide the user with a range of benefits including boosting energy and focus.

How Much Caffeine is in GFuel?

Each serving of G-Fuel (in the powdered form) contains around 150mg of caffeine which is around the same amount as a strong cup of coffee. G-Fuel cans on the other hand contain around 300mg of caffeine in each, making the canned version much more potent. Many people make the mistake of assuming the G-Fuel cans are the same as a single serving of G-Fuel energy formula however this is not the case.



  • Generally quite affordable
  • Contains a range of health benefits especially if using green coffee bean extract
  • Many people love the taste of coffee

G-Fuel Energy Formula


  • Contains amino acids
  • Every flavour is completely sugar free
  • Contains a vitamin blend which includes vitamin C and vitamin B12
  • G-Fuel energy drink comes in ready to drink cans
  • G-Fuel contains an energy complex to boost energy
  • Boosted with a focus complex that includes l-tyrosine
  • Features an antioxidant complex
  • Uses natural products for flavouring and colouring like tart cherry and turmeric extract

Commercial Energy Drink


  • Fast acting energy
  • Often a tasty drink
  • Relatively cheap

G-Fuel Energy Drink vs Coffee vs Commercial Energy Drink

An energy drink that is purchased from a petrol station often contain low quality ingredients and these sugar loaded energy drinks are usually heavily laden with calories. The odd energy drink will use a natural form of stimulants like green tea extract but often they are fully synthetic.

Coffee is one of the most popular consumables on the planet because it is affordable, helps people get a boost to start their day and has a wide range of health benefits. The only problem is that not everyone likes the taste of coffee, which means some healthy adults could be missing out on the benefits.

G-Fuel contains great ingredients which have a range of health benefits. It tastes great and comes in a range of flavours. Unlike a store-bought drink, G-Fuel is sugar free and contains little to no artificial colours and flavours. The serving size is not huge either, which means you can use a small or large amount of water depending on your preference. You can drink G-Fuel whenever you want!


When deciding where you want to get your caffeine from, there are a few things to consider from which flavours you like to the amount of caffeine you want in each serve. This blog has explained that coffee or dietary supplements like G-Fuel can be great options whereas most store-bought drinks are a less optimal choice. Your body needs high quality fuel to run smoothly, so choose carefully!

How much Caffeine is in GFuel